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Seminars and Symposia

Conference Contributions


Whitman College, Mathematical Sciences Foundry Talks, Walla Walla, WA, September 19

European Radiation Dosimetry Group, Working Group 7, Wound Task Group Meeting, March 2


Study of One Million Radiation Workers & Veterans Symposium, Virtual, November 6

NASA Space Radiation Group Seminar Series, Virtual, September 1


Centre for Environmental Radioactivity Workshops, Oslo, Norway, February 3 and 5


OSU School of Nuclear Science and Engineering Seminar, Corvalis, OR, November 27

Columbia Chapter of the Health Physics Society, Richland, WA, January 19


WSU College of Pharmacy Graduate Research Seminar Series, Spokane, Washington, March 4


1st International Workshop on Sample/Tissue Archiving of Radiobiology (STAR2015), Kyoto, Japan, May 24-25

DOE Annual Occupational Medicine Workshop and Webinar, Washington, DC, March 16-17


Joint DoReMi/STORE Workshop on Sharing Data and Biomaterials from Radiation Science, Rome, Italy, January 25-26


Lecture at Laval University’s Radiochemistry/Radioecology teaching course, Quebec City, Quebec, March 31, 2011. Lecture at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, April 7


Lecture at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) Tokai Research and Engineering Center, Tokai Research & Development Center, Tokai-mura, Japan, May 26

Lecture at the National Institute for Radiological Sciences (NIRS) Research Center for Radiation Emergency Medicine, Chiba, Japan, May 26

WSU College of Pharmacy Faculty Retreat, Pullman, Washington, May 13

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of Regulatory Research “Brownbag” Lunch, Rockville, Maryland, April 14

Joint Symposium between Kyushu Environmental Evaluation Association (KEEA) and Kyushu University Radioisotope Center, Fukuoka, Japan, April 6


John Horan Memorial Symposium, Salt Lake City, Utah, April 25

Columbia Chapter of the Health Physics Society (CCHPS) Symposium on “Russia’s Hanford: Health Studies at Mayak,” Richland, Washington, April 17

Seminar at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology’s (KIT) Energy Center, Karlsruhe, Germany, April 7

EURADOS Working Group 7 (WG7) Meeting, Forschungzentrum Karlsruhe GmbH (FZK), Institüt für Strahlenforschung (ISF), Karlsruhe, Germany, April 6

The United Kingdom Health Protection Agency’s Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards (HPA/CRCE), Chilton, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, April 2

Hanford Advisory Board (HAB) River & Plateau Committee (RAP) and Health, Safety & Environmental Protection Committee (HSEP), Richland, Washington, January 8