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USTUR Policies and Procedures Manual

The following Policies and Procedures Manual is for the use of the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries.


This manual contains policies and procedures applicable to the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries (USTUR). These supplement, but do not supersede, the policies of Washington State University and the College of Pharmacy. The manual is broken into policies, procedures, and forms. Policies, prefaced by the letter “P,” are generic statements describing the conduct of operations. Procedures, prefaced by the letter “R,” are detailed statements which prescribe the accomplishment of a particular task. Forms, prefaced by the letter “F,” are used for collecting or distributing specific information.


USTUR manuals are controlled and numbered documents assigned to specific individuals. Assignees are responsible for updating their respective manuals. Manuals remain the property of the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries and may not be transferred without written authorization. All manuals must be returned to the Registries upon request. The manual is also available online on the USTUR website.

Table of Contents
Procedure # Title
P101 Purpose and Objectives
P102 Position Descriptions and Organization
P103 Communications Policy
F103a Data Request: Living Registrant
F103b Data Request: Deceased Registrant
P104 Advisory Committee
P105 Authorship on Manuscripts
P106 Scientific Collaboration and Data Access
F106 Statement of Confidentiality
F106a One-year Extension: Data and Biological Specimens
P107 Publication Policy
R107 Publications Numbering Policy
P108 Classified Staff Time-off Policy
F108 Request for Time-off
P109 Safety and Security
P110 Litigation
P150 Handling Donated Human Tissue
P151 Acquisition of Tissues
R152 Chain of Custody Instructions
R153 Tissue Storage and Handling
P154 Disposition of Donated Tissues
P201 Registrant Enrollment and Renewal Policy
R201 Registrant Renewal Procedure
P202 Criteria for Registrant Acceptance
P203 Autopsies on Registrants
P204 Classification of Registrant Status
P205 Visitor Access to the NHRTR and NRA
F205 Information and Informed Consent for NHRTR Visitors
R206 Letter of Instruction for Registrant Family Members
F207 Routine Autopsy Registrant Renewal Letter
F208 Whole Body Registrant Renewal Letter
F209 Registrant Renewal Follow-up Letter
F210 Director Approved Renewal Letter
F211 Registrant Non-Renewal Letter
F212 Registrant Recruitment Letter
F213 Registrant Records Request Letter
F214 Registrant Information and Informed Consent
F215 Registrant Authority for Autopsy
F216 Registrant Authorization for Use of Whole Body for Research
F217 Registrant Authorization for Release of Records
F218 Registrant Personal/Medical History
R401 Instructions to Pathologist
F401 Autopsy Checklist
R402a Arranging for the Autopsy of a Deceased Registrant (Whole Body)
R402b Arranging for the Autopsy of a Deceased Registrant (Partial Body)
F402a Whole Body Specimen Worksheet
F402b Routine Specimen Worksheet
F402c Microscope Slide/Paraffin Block Audit
R403 Off Hours Notification
P404 Exposure Control Plan – SOP
R500 Health Physics Data Coding and Entry
P601 Computer and Data Base Security
P701 Travel
F701a Travel Request Form
F701b Travel Expense Form
P801 Statement of Work: Human Tissue and Bone Sample Preparation