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U.S. Transuranium and Uranium Registries News

USTUR director reappointed KEEA technical adviser

USTUR director, Sergei Tolmachev, was reappointed as a technical adviser for the Kyushu Environmental Evaluation Association (KEEA), Japan. His two-year term runs from April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2020.

WSU officials visit the USTUR

Colleen Kerr (WSU Vice President for Government Relations and External Affairs, Chief Legislative Officer), Christopher Keane (WSU Vice President for Research and Professor of Physics), and Dan Nordquist (Associate Vice President, Office of Research Support and Operations) visited the USTUR. USTUR director, Sergei Tolmachev, discussed the history and significance of the USTUR program, and provided a tour of the USTUR laboratory, which includes an autopsy room, a radiochemistry laboratory, an alpha spectrometry counting room, and a sample storage area.

OSU School of Nuclear Science and Engineering Seminar

Sergei Tolmachev and George Tabatadze gave a seminar presentation to Oregon State University students and faculty. Dr. Tolmachev discussed the USTUR research program as a whole. Dr. Tabatadze focused on the radiochemical protocols that the USTUR laboratory uses for actinide analysis, and provided results on the amount of plutonium in tissues from former nuclear workers.

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Abstract and Presentation Slides

2017 Annual Report

The FY2017 USTUR Annual Report has been completed and is available for download. It summarizes organization, activities, and scientific accomplishments at the USTUR from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017.

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USTUR director attends EURADOS internal dosimetry meeting and 2017 ICRP Symposium

Sergei Tolmachev attended the plenary meeting of the European Radiation Dosimetry Group’s (EURADOS) Working Group 7 (WG7) on internal dosimetry in Paris, France. USTUR/EURADOS WG7 discussed progress toward modeling the decorporation of plutonium following treatment with DTPA and EDTA.

Following the EURADOS WG7 meeting, Dr. Tolmachev attended the International Commission on Radiological Protection’s (ICRP) 2017 Symposium.

Faculty present USTUR research at radiochemistry conference

George Tabatadze at APSORC 2017

Sergei Tolmachev and George Tabatadze attended the 2017 Asia-Pacific Symposium on Radiochemistry (APSORC) in South Korea on September 17-22. While there, Dr. Tolmachev gave a presentation on the analysis of plutonium oxide in tissues of occupationally exposed workers, and Dr. Tabatadze presented his research on the use of the iQID (ionizing-radiation quantum imaging detector) digital autoradiography system to image bone-seeking radionuclides in human tissue samples.

Abstract and presentation links

Dr. Tabatadze elected president of Columbia Chapter of Health Physics Society

George Tabatadze has become a president-elect of the Columbia Chapter of the Health Physics Society (CCHPS). He began his three-year term in July 2017 and will serve one-year terms as president-elect, president, and past president between 2017 – 2019, respectively. The Columbia Chapter of the Health Physics Society (established in 1960) is a professional organization whose members are specialists in radiation safety. The CCHPS mission is to support its members in the practice of their profession and to promote excellence in the science and practice of radiation safety.

Special issue of Radiation Protection Dosimetry on Mayak worker dosimetry

An upcoming special issue of Radiation Protection Dosimetry will focus on findings of the Russian Health Studies Program‘s Project 2.4: Mayak Worker Dosimetry. Project 2.4 reconstructed doses to workers first employed at the Mayak Production Association in Ozyorsk, Russia between 1948 and 1982. USTUR faculty members authored or coauthored three of the papers, and an additional 13 were authored/coauthored by USTUR adjunct faculty member, Dr. Alan Birchall (Global Dosimetry Ltd., United Kingdom). » More …

USTUR funding increased

After 9 years of decreasing and flat funding, our annual funding was increased by 20%. In January, the USTUR submitted a 5-year grant renewal proposal for the period of April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2022. A budget of $5,500,000 was requested by the USTUR and approved by the Department of Energy, Office of Health and Safety (AU-10). Funding at this level will allow the USTUR to keep up the the increasing costs associated with autopsies and radiochemically analyzing tissue samples. It will also increase the USTUR’s visibility by allowing faculty members to present the Registries’ research at scientific meetings.