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USTUR Mission Statement

Counting 241Am 60 keV gamma emissions from respiratory lymph nodes.

The USTUR’s mission is to:

  • Evaluate health outcomes, causes of death, and life expectancy of former nuclear workers (volunteer Registrants) who had documented accidental intakes of uranium and the transuranium elements.
  • Obtain, preserve, and make available for future research, samples of tissues at autopsy.
  • Conduct radiochemical analyses, as necessary, to validate and develop new state-of-the-art methods for quantifying tissue doses and their associated uncertainties.
  • Apply USTUR case study data to refine dose assessment methods for these internal emitters as the bases for reliable epidemiological studies, risk projection, and credible standards for radiological protection.
  • Assess adequacy of historical and current U.S. regulatory controls and practices in limiting tissue doses to workers having the greatest health risk from intakes of uranium and the transuranium elements.