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U.S. Transuranium and Uranium Registries Learning from Plutonium and Uranium Workers



  • Anthony Riddell from Public Health England joins adjunct faculty to USTUR

    Tony Riddell has been appointed as an adjunct faculty member with the USTUR, he has more than thirty years’ of internal dosimetry experience and also within related areas of research such as epidemiology and radiobiology. Mr. Riddell leads the Internal Dosimetry Group at Public Health England (PHE), where he is responsible for the management and delivery of the United Kingdom’s national internal dose assessment capability and a program of research which supports this capability and the work of organisations such as the International Commission on Radiological Protection.

    Having shared research interests in areas such as radionuclide metabolism, dosimetry and potential exposure risks, USTUR has … » More …

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  • Special issue of Health Physics journal features USTUR research

    The August issue of Health Physics was dedicated to a special issue on USTUR research. Presentations from the USTUR’s one-day special session of the 2019 Health Physics Society meeting were published as full length articles, along with an introduction to the special issue and a summary of the roundtable discussion. The special issue was published as one of several activities designed to commemorated 50 years of research at the USTUR.

    Commemorative Activities

    Commentary: Worthington, P.R., 2019. Introduction to the US Transuranium and Uranium Registries (USTUR) Special Issue. Health Physics 117, 117.

    Scientific Manuscripts:

    Kathren, R.L., Tolmachev, S.Y., 2019. The United States Transuranium … » More …

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  • Director reappointed to Japan Health Physics Society’s editorial board

    USTUR director, Sergei Tolmachev, was re-appointed to serve as a member of the editorial board for the Japan Health Physics Society’s journal. He has been appointed for a two-year term from July 2019 through June 2021.

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  • USTUR signs MOU with the Centre for Radiation Chemical and Environmental Hazards

    Last December, the USTUR signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Centre for Radiation Chemical and Environmental Hazards (CRCE), Public Health England. This partnership formalizes collaboration between the two organizations, and allows PHE to share its newly developed internal dosimetry software, Taurus, with the USTUR for research purposes. Initially, the USTUR will work with the base model, which is designed for operational dose assessment. However, PHE is also designing an advanced version of Taurus for use in research, which the USTUR will use to model individual registrant cases. This partnership was facilitated by Sergei Tolmachev (USTUR … » More …

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