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EURADOS Working Group 7 (WG7) Meeting, Karlsruhe, Germany

On April 6-7, 2009 USTUR’s director was the invited guest at a special meeting of the European Dosimetry Group’s (EURADOS) Working Group 7, hosted by Forschungzentrum Karlsruhe GmbH (FZK), Institut für Strahlenforschung (ISF) in Karlsruhe, Germany. The meeting was organized to discuss EURADOS ( and USTUR’s mutual interests in scientific collaboration on the analysis and interpretation of USTUR case studies.

Left to Right: C. Hurtgen (SCK-CEN), P. Berard (CEA), C. Challeton – de Vathaire (IRSN), V. List (FZK), E. Blanchardon (IRSN), D. Nosske (BfS), T. James (WSU/USTUR), B. Breustedt (FZK), A. Giussani (HGMU), M.A. Lopez (CIEMAT), W. Klein (FZK), J. Schimmelpfeng (FZK), O. Marzocchi (FZK), A. Luciani (ENEA).
Message from the Chair of EURADOS WG7

“The minutes of the WG7 Meeting held on 6-7 April at FZK will be distributed by FZK/ISF soon. I just wanted to comment now that we had a very successful USTUR-EURADOS meeting in Karslruhe, counting with Tony James as special guest. A very interesting agreement was achieved to share USTUR data of internal contamination cases of Plutonium and Americium, which include bioassay data and autopsy data. USTUR will provide us these dosimetric data of recent donors, with strictly controlled access to the USTUR database (after we have signed the USTUR forms to guarantee confidentiality).

The WG7 Task Group on Biokinetic Models (coordinated by D. Nosske, BfS) and the Task Group on “Towards a DTPA Therapy Model” (coordinated by Bastian Breustedt, FZK and Eric Blanchardon, IRSN) will be especially involved in this agreement.

The collaboration will be based on the dosimetric evaluation of the USTUR data to be performed by WG7 members, which will contribute (1) to improve the scientific knowledge about the biokinetic models of Pu and Am (2) to improve the CONRAD approach about the DTPA model proposed by the group and (3) to update IDEAS Databases with internal contamination databases (managed by C. Hurtgen, SCK-CEN).

A “Memorandum of Understanding” will be prepared, to have an official document of the USTUR-EURADOS WG7 collaboration.”

Dr. Maria Antonia Lopez
CIEMAT-Internal Dosimetry