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2020 Advisory Committee Meeting

Thursday and Friday, April 23-24


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Due to COVID-19, the 2020 annual meeting of the USTUR’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) was held via the video conference on April 23-24. The meeting was divided into two half-day sessions, and mainly focused on operational aspects of the Registries, as well as in-house research.

Meeting Summary

Day 1 (Thursday):

The meeting opened with introductions by the USTUR director, Sergei Tolmachev, and opening remarks by the committee chair, Roger McClellan. This was followed by an update on the Department of Energy (DOE)/AU-13 by DOE program manager, Joey Zhou, and news about WSU/College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences by Kathryn Meier. The remaining presentations focused on operational aspects of the Registries and were given by USTUR faculty and staff. Topics included financial developments, progress toward addressing recommendations from the 2019 SAC meeting, data quality objectives, IRB changes, database harmonization, and our research and operational plan for FY2021. Additionally, Martin Šefl, presented preliminary findings of his post-doctoral research project to perform an uncertainty analysis on organ activities and doses from plutonium intakes.

Day 2 (Friday):

The second day was administrative in nature and was open only to SAC members, the USTUR staff, and the DOE program manager. The day began with a Q&A session, where the SAC and USTUR staff discussed their observations about topics presented during Day 1. This was followed by a “closed-door” executive session, where only SAC members remained in the meeting. After lunch the USTUR staff and the DOE program manager rejoined the meeting, and the SAC shared several comments regarding progress during the past year as well as recommendations for the coming year.

SAC Membership

Roger McClellan completed his third and final term as a toxicology representative in March 2020, and was replaced by Janet Benson. Timothy Ledbetter completed his second term as an Ethics representative, and was renewed for another three-year term. Heather Hoffman (Epidemiology) and Bill Stange (Occupational Health) both completed their first terms on the committee, and were renewed for another three years.