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2019 Advisory Committee Meeting

Thursday and Friday, April 11-12


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The annual meeting of the USTUR’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) was held April 11-12 at the Hampton Inn, Richland, WA. This year’s meeting emphasized current and future collaborative research.

Meeting Summary

Day 1 (Thursday):

The morning session focused on operational aspects of the Registries. Topics included administrative and financial developments, progress toward addressing recommendations from the 2018 SAC meeting, IRB changes, and a radiochemistry progress report. The morning finished with a presentation by John Boice about the Million Person Study.

The theme of collaborative research continued during the afternoon session with three additional presentations by researchers involved in the Million Person Study, and a presentation by a co-director of the WSU-PNNL Nuclear Science and Technology Institute. Additionally, the first recipient of the AC James memorial scholarship introduced herself and shared some information about her educational goals.

Day 2 (Friday):

The second day was administrative in nature and was open only to SAC members and the USTUR staff. The day began with a Q&A session, where the SAC and USTUR discussed their observations about topics presented during the previous day. This was followed by a closed-door executive session for SAC members. When the USTUR staff and DOE representatives returned, the SAC shared several comments regarding progress during the past year as well as recommendations for the coming year.

SAC Membership

Thomas Rucker’s first term on the advisory committee ended in March of 2019, and he was renewed for another three-year term.