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2015 Advisory Committee Meeting

Tuesday and Wednesday, September 1-2


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The 2015 Annual Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting was held September 1-2 at the Hampton Inn, Richland, WA. Each year, the SAC meeting enables valuable discussions with our advisory committee and scientific colleagues about the progress and goals of the Registries.

Meeting Summary

Day 1 (Tuesday):

The morning session focused on operational progress at the Registries. Dr. Tolmachev summarized the USTUR’s activities during the past year and linked them to recommendations from the SAC during the 2014 meeting. Other staff members described ongoing work to populate databases, accept Registrant donations, and analyze donated tissues for actinides.

The afternoon session shifted the focus to scientific pursuits of Registries staff and collaborators. Topics included a case study of a Registrant with multiple intakes, the dose contribution from uranium among Registrants thought to have been exposed primarily to plutonium, and the use of the patella to estimate the actinide activity in an entire skeleton.

Day 2 (Wednesday):

The second day of the meeting was executive in nature and was open only to SAC members, the DOE program manager, and the USTUR staff. SAC members asked the USTUR staff questions about Tuesday’s presentations, and made seven general comments about the USTUR’s activities during the past year and ten recommendations for the upcoming year.

SAC Membership

William Hayes finished his third and final term on the SAC. The vacancy on the committee was filled by Thomas Rucker, who has a broad scientific background including radiochemistry and dose assessment.