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2011 Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting

Wednesday July 19-20, 2011


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The annual USTUR Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting was held July 19-20, 2011 via teleconference.

The first day of the meeting focused on operational aspects of the USTUR, and the second day on work conducted in collaboration with external researchers. Dr. Bastian Breustedt, a sabbatical researcher from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), presented the CONRAD/EURADOS model for modelling decorporation therapy. He also discussed the importance of USTUR data for studying the biokinetics of actinides in the human body during decorporation therapy. PNNL PhD student, Chris Nielsen, presented progress toward his research on the microdistribution and long-term retention of Pu(NO3)4 in the lungs of a USTUR Registrant (Case 0269) and beagle dogs.

Following Dr. Breustedt and Mr. Nielsen’s presentations, the SAC conducted an executive session, open only to SAC members. The SAC summarized their executive session as a series of recommendations, which they provided to Registries staff during the SAC debriefing.