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U.S. Transuranium and Uranium Registries Publications and Abstracts

2004 Publications


Anderson, L.E., D.M. Sheen, B.W. Wilson, S.L. Grumbein, J.A. Creim, and L.B. Sasser. Two-year Chronic Bioassay Study of Rats Exposed to a 1.6 GHz Radiofrequency Signal. Radiat Res. 162:201-210; 2004. USTUR-0205-05.

Bull, R.J., L.B. Sasser, and X.C. Lei. Interactions in the Tumor-Promoting Activity of Carbon Tetrachloride, Trichloroacetate, and Dichloroacetate in the Liver of Male B6C3F1 Mice. Toxicology 199:169-183; 2004. USTUR-0201-05.

Ehrhart, S.M. and R.E. Filipy. USTUR Annual Report for the Period Feburary 1, 2003 to January 31, 2004. USTUR-0197-04.

Ehrhart, S.M. and R.E. Filipy. USTUR Registrant Newsletter. Issue 11. 2004. USTUR-0198-04. Newsletter

James, A.C., A. Birchall, and G. Akabani. Comparative dosimetry of BEIR VI revisited. Radiat Prot Dosim. 108(1): 3-26; 2004. USTUR-0206-05.

Puskin, J.S., A.C. James, and D.J. Pawel. Response to Cavallo and Duport. Health Phys. 87(6): 674; 2004.

Russell, J.J. and R.L. Kathren. Uranium Deposition and Retention in a USTUR Whole Body Case. Health Physics 86:273-284; 2004. USTUR-0150-00. Abstract


Feburary 2004

James, A.C. Implementation of the ICRP 66 Human Respiratory Tract Model. Presented at the Health Physics Society (HPS) 2004 Midyear Topical Meeting, in Augusta, Georgia; Feburary 2004. USTUR-0210-06A.

October 2004

Filipy, R.E. and James, A.C. Testing Plutonium Biokinetics Models of the ICRP with Bioassay data of the U.S. Transuranium and Uranium Registries. Presented at the 50th Annual Conference on Bioassay, Analytical, and Environmental Radiochemistry in Cincinnati, Ohio; October 31—November 4, 2004.

December 2004

James, A.C. Taught a 1-h PharmSci 533 Class to D.Pharm. students at the College of Pharmacy, Wegner Hall, Washington State University, in Pullman, WA; December 6, 2004.

James, A.C. “USTUR Whole Body Case 0269: Modeling the Effects of i.v. Ca-EDTA and Ca-DTPA Therapy”. Research seminar presented to the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Wegner Hall, Washington State University, in Pullman, WA; December 7, 2004. USTUR-0202-05P. Slides