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U.S. Transuranium and Uranium Registries Conference Contributions

European Radiation Dosimetry Group, Annual Meeting, Firenze, Italy, January 27-30, 2020

Sergei Tolmachev attended the annual meeting of the European Radiation Dosimetry Group (EURADOS) in Firenze, Italy. The annual meeting included a EURADOS Winter School on the topic of eye lens dosimetry. In conjunction with the annual meeting, EURADOS Working Group 7 (WG7) on internal dosimetry held a working group meeting. Dr. Tolmachev gave two invited presentations at the WG7 meeting. The first was about current research at the USTUR, and the second about brain dosimetry of internally deposited radionuclides.

USTUR today: January 2020 edition

S. Tolmachev


Presentation Slides

Brain dosimetry for internally deposited radionuclides

S. Tolmachev, M. Avtandilashvili, R.W. Leggett, J.D. Boice, Jr.


Presentation Slides