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U.S. Transuranium and Uranium Registries Conference Contributions

Radiobioassay & Radiochemical Measurement Conference, Richland, WA, October 25-28, 2010

Ms. McCord made a poster presentation, “The Management Information System (THEMIS) Inventory Database” During the 56th Annual Radiobioassay & Radiochemical Measurement Conference, which was held at the Richland Red Lion on October 25-28, 2010.

The Management Information System (THEMIS) inventory database
Initiated in the 1960’s with the mission of acquiring and providing precise information about the effects of plutonium and other transuranic elements in man, the United States Transuranium Registries (USTUR) have followed up to ‘old age’ 333 volunteer Registrants who worked at weapons sites and received measurable internal doses. An autopsy has been performed on each of these deceased Registrants and tissue samples obtained, preserved, and made available for radiochemical analysis and future research. The Management Information System (THEMIS) database integrates with a barcode scanner to inventory USTUR and National Human Radiobiological Tissue Repository (NHRTR) frozen and formalin-fixed tissues, as well as histopathologic slides, tissue blocks, and acid-dissolved tissues from previously analyzed samples. The software developer has adapted the ‘off-the-shelf’ THEMIS software to meet USTUR’s specific sample inventory and chain-of-custody needs.  Key THEMIS features include: a retrievable chain-of-custodydocument that is automatically generated when samples are moved; a sample report builder that queries records and formats them into reports; and the ability to attach files, such as signed chain-of-custody forms and photographs, to sample and container records. Also the data file is automaticallybacked up daily to protect sample records. [USTUR-0302-10]

Presentation Slides