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U.S. Transuranium and Uranium Registries Conference Contributions

2007 HPS Fallahian
2007 HPS Germann
Naz Fallahian and Liesl Germann with their posters at the 2007 Annual Health Physics Society Meeting.

Two members of the USTUR/Idaho State University (ISU) Internal Dosimetry Research team, Naz Fallahian and Liesl Germann, presented posters at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society in Portland, Oregon, July 8-12, 2007.

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Does exposure to plutonium affect workers’ longevity?
Naz Fallahian (ISU), Richard R. Brey (ISU), Chuck R. Watson (USTUR), Anthony C. James (USTUR)


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Evaluation of the in press NCRP wound model using USTUR Case 0262 data

Liesel K. Germann (ISU), Richard R. Brey (ISU), Anthony C. James (USTUR), Ray A. Guilmette (USTUR)


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