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Graduate Education – ISU 2006

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Initiation of ISU ‘s Internal Dosimetry Research Team

An “Initiating Workshop” was held on the ISU campus (July 17-21, 2006) where Drs. James (USTUR director) and Brey introduced the ISU graduate students to several ongoing USTUR biokinetic modeling case studies and to the structure and content of USTUR’s Registrant database.

As of July 2006, ISU’s Internal Dosimetry Team currently includes one USTUR-sponsored student, Nino Chelidze, and five ISU-funded students: Maia Avtandilashvili, Naz Fallahian, Neba Robinson Neba, Dan Mecham, and Liesl Germann. This workgroup helps USTUR by reviewing USTUR’s health physics and radiochemistry databases to identify Registrant cases suitable for biokinetic modeling studies. It also contributes Dr. Brey’s experience and knowledge as a CHP to improve the organization, presentation and application of USTUR’s Health Physics database.

IMBA Expert™ Training Workshop
BWXT/AMWTP health physics professionals and graduate student participants in the IMBA Expert™ Training Workshop, Physics Department, Pocatello, ID, May 25-26, 2006. (From the left: Johnny Joe Davis, Ward Brunkow, Nino Cheldize, Jeffrey Cady, Stacey McCord, Tony James, Maya Keller, Tauna Butler, Bruce Murray, and Deanna Hasenauer, U. of Florida)

On May 25-26, 2006, the USTUR director, Anthony James, presented an IMBA training workshop for health physics professionals from DOE’s Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Plant (AMWTP), Idaho Falls, ID. The workshop, hosted by Idaho State University’s Health Physics Program, trained AMWTP participants and eleven ISU students in the application of the IMBA Expert™ USDOE-Edition software for bioassay analysis and internal dose assessments. The interaction between practicing internal dosimetrists and ISU’s graduate students provided these students with valuable ‘hands on’ training.