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DOE AU-1 Acting Associate Under Secretary Visits USTUR

Front: Maia Avtandilashvili, Matthew Moury, Stacey McComish, Margo Bedell. Back: George Tabatadze, Sergei Tolmachev.

On August 25th, DOE's Acting Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health, Safety, and Security - Matthew Moury – visited the USTUR. The visit started at the office, where Dr. Tolmachev provided an overview of USTUR research, history, and vision for the future. Following his office visit, Mr. Moury visited the USTUR laboratory where he viewed the autopsy facility, and Dr. Tolmachev presented a step-by-step description of radiochemical tissue analysis: from a frozen sample to an α-spectrometric counting source. Specifics of actinide α-spectrometric measurements were explained by Dr. George Tabatadze.



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