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DOE AU-10 Director Visits USTUR, Tours Lab

On March 24, 2015, Patricia Worthington, director of DOE Office of Health and Safety (AU-10), Isaf Al-Nabulsi (RERF Program Manager, DOE/AU-10), and Joey Zhou (USTUR Program Manager, DOE/AU-13) visited the USTUR.

Dr. Tolmachev provided a detailed overview of the USTUR history, past and present achievements, current research, and future plans. Later, he conducted a tour of the USTUR laboratory facility for the guests. During the tour, Dr. Tolmachev introduced laboratory personnel, and discussed operations at the USTUR's radiochemistry laboratory and the National Human Radiobiology Tissue Repository (NHRTR). He demonstrated the USTUR Case 0102 skull phantom (above photo) and discussed topics such as radiochemical tissue analysis, cost of laboratory facility operation, uniqueness of the USTUR/NHRTR tissue sample collections, and utilization of the USTUR/NHRTR materials for research other than the core USTUR research.

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