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The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) has been an important part of the the USTUR for many years. The original advisory committee included many notable names from the field of radiation biology: Clarence C. Lushbaugh, Thomas F. Mancuso, J.H. Sterner (chairman), Robley D. Evans (vice-chairman), Herbert M. Parker, Lloyd M. Joshel, and Wright Langham. Annual meetings of the SAC bring together the USTUR faculty and staff, SAC members, the Department of Energy representative, and interested people from the scientific community. At these meetings, USTUR faculty report on progress that have been achieved, and the SAC makes recommendations for the upcoming year.

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The 1984 SAC
The 1984 SAC (left to right): Langan Swint, Herbert Parker, Pat Durbin, John Poston, Sr., Charles Mays, Robley Evans, George Voelz, Newell Stannard The 2012 SAC (left to right): William Hayes, Herman Gibb, Kathryn Meier, Robert Bistline, Richard Toohey


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