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Laboratory Glassware Donated to Local High School


In April 2012, assorted glassware and laboratory equipment, no longer used in USTUR processes, were donated to Delta High School, a public Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics high school serving the Tri-Cities.  Delta was founded, and is supported by, a collaboration of Battelle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Columbia Basin College, Washington State University, and the Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland School Districts.  Ms. Deborah Burke, Chemistry Teacher at Delta, facilitated acceptance of the gift from the USTUR.  The gift included various flasks, volumetric pipettes, graduated cylinders, beakers, ring stands and fixtures, and filter funnels.  This glassware, while still viable, was made redundant at the USTUR due to the adoption of new equipment including hot blocks, a microwave oven, and a multi-position electrodeposition unit.  The estimated value of the gift was approximately $2,500.




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