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WSU College of Pharmacy Graduate Research Seminar Series, Spokane, WA, March 4, 2016


Sara Dumit at the WSU Spokane Campus for her presentation

USTUR/College of Pharmacy PhD student, Sara Dumit, gave a seminar presentation to College of Pharmacy faculty and students as a part of COP’s graduate research seminar class. Ms. Dumit summarized her work to fit urine and lung data from USTUR case 0785 using ICRP’s biokinetic models. The next step in her research will be the development of a plutonium decorporation model.

Plutonium Decorporation Therapy Following Occupational Exposure: Inception

Sara Dumit, Maia Avtandilashvili, Sergei Tolmachev

>>Download the USTUR seminar presentation titled, "Plutonium Decorporation Following Occupational Exposure: Inception" [USTUR-0399-16P]

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