Washington State University College of Pharmacy

United States Transuranium & Uranium Registries

THEMIS Procedures Manual

The Information Management System



T101  Log-in a New Container: Tissues and Acid Solutions
T102  Log-in Chemical Reagents
      T102.1  Receive and Log-in New Reagents/Reagents Stored in a Container
      T102.2  Log-in Existing Reagents Not Stored in a Container
T103  Log-in Tissues
      T103.1  Tissues Stored in a Container
      T103.2  Tissues Not Stored in a Container
T104  Log-in Acid Solutions
      T104.1  Acid Solutions Stored in a Container
      T104.2  Acid Solutions Not in a Container
T105  Log-in a Tissue Subsample
T106  What if a Tissue is Further Subdivided? (REPLACED BY T108)
T107  Log-in a Subdivided Acid Solution
T108  What if a Subsampleis Further Subdivided?
T109  Move Sample(s)
T110  Move Container(s)
T111  Retrieve a Chain of Custody
T112  Change Container Properties
T113  Change Sample Properties
      T113.1  Change collection, USTUR case #, USTUR sample #
      T113.2  Change sample properties (all other fields)
T114  Change Collection or Case Number Globally
T115  Delete a Sample
T116  Delete and Attach Files to Case Numbers
T117  Delete and Attach Files to Containers
T118  Delete and Attach Files to Samples
T119  Ship Samples to a Non-USTUR Facility


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