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ERA-PRO is a new development of the International Radiobiology Archives (IRA) project, which has three constituent parts: the ERA, the U.S. National Radiobiology Archive (NRA), and the Japanese Radiobiology Archives (JRA).  The IRA data holdings were used by Dr. George Gerber to generate a local database, incorporating the NRA database structure and content.  Dr. Gerber distributed copies of this local database to a select group of European researchers who seek to expand both the power of the database and its availability, through its restructuring and www accessibility.  The primary aim of this project is to maximize the use of this invaluable and unique data for further analysis by the global scientific community.

Dr. Watson provided detailed technical descriptions of the IRA database structure to the European research team. He is serving as technical consultant to the ERA-PRO effort to move the data and database structure from Microsoft Access, a proprietary, Windows- based, database management system, to MYSQL, an open source, cross platform system.  Numerous inconsistencies, introduced over the years of data gathering activities in Europe have been identified by Dr. Watson and corrected by the ERA-PRO team.

The NRA database will be made available on the internet through ERA-PRO, when this is fully functional. This linkage will greatly increase the visibility and application of the NRA resource.

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