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De-identified USTUR pathology data are available for download as an M.S. Access database that contains ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 codes for underlying causes of death and up to seven contributing causes of death per registrant case.  These seven contributing causes are listed in order of severity, where a relation code of 1 identifies the most severe condition and 7 the least severe condition. 

Use of Data Published in the USTUR Pathology database

To use or refer to the pathology database published on the USTUR web site, please cite:

USTUR Pathology Database, <<insert version number, found on upper left of Main Pathology form>>.  United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries. Washington State University: College of Pharmacy. Accessed <<insert date data was downloaded>>. Accessible from: http://www.ustur.wsu.edu/database/index.html.

USTUR Pathology Database

>>Download the Access 2007 compatible database: Pathology_Office2007.zip [2 MB]
>>Download the Access 2003 compatible database: Pathology_Office2003.zip [2 MB]

Note: The search engine and buttons in this database utilize macros. Thus the database will not function properly if macros are disabled.

USTUR Pathology Database Instructions

>>Download USTUR database definitions and instructions: Pathology_ReadMe.doc




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