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2016 Health Physics Society Meeting:
USTUR Special Session

The year 2018 will mark 50 years of actinide research at the USTUR. In honor of this upcoming milestone, and the Registries' continued impact in the field of radiation protection, the USTUR has organized a one-day special session at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society in Spokane, WA. The session will be held on Tuesday July 18.

Since its establishment in 1968, the USTUR has radiochemically analyzed thousands of donated tissues from 351 deceased nuclear workers. Due to the foresight of these men and women, and dedicated work by Registries staff, the behavior of plutonium, uranium and other actinides in the human body is better understood. The USTUR continues to expand our knowledge about the behavior of actinides in the human body, and the one-day special session will give attendees a taste of the research that continues to be conducted at the USTUR.

>>Morning Session 1
>>Morning Session 2
>>Afternoon Session

The day will finish with a roundtable discussion on "50 years of USTUR history." It will be led by the former director of radiochemistry at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Jim McInroy, and four former Registries directors: Bryce Breitenstein, Margery Swint, Ronald Kathren, and Ronald Fililpy. Conference attendees will be invited to ask questions, and the roundtable panel members will provide their recollections and insight as they respond.

In anticipation of the roundtable discussion, we would like to introduce you to the panel members using a series of interview questions.

>>Meet the Participants!

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